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Name: Louisa

Gender: Female

Race: Pac-Cat

Home: Pac-world, Pacopiles

Relatives: Suzy (Owner) John, Mary (Owners) Nico (Love interest)


Louisa is female Feline Pac-cat that lives in the city of Pacopiles, Louisa white moon cat which is rare in Pac-world.
Louisa Profile
my Furry Feline Cat OC :D

No rude or mean comments!!
Dairy of Darcy Jason

it was summer afternoon and Darcy was walking to Maze high school for a quick meeting with the principle Once she made it inside the building Darcy waited for the principle to show until a tall Female Pac-person walked out with glasses and wore long gloves and her hair was dark brown.

"Excuse, Madam are by any chance Miss Darcy Jason, Mr.Jason's Wife?" Said the woman looking down at Darcy "Why yes I am sorry but I'm waiting for the principle Haha" Darcy answered with laugh. the Woman blinked and giggled lightly "Sorry to be a bit of surprising moment but I'm the Principle of Maze high school, I'm Amelia Strong heart" Amelia told Darcy

"your the Principle?!" Darcy gasped in shock and took a deep breath "I'm sorry I thought the principle would've been a Man or something HAHA!!" Darcy laughed but Amelia didn't "Haha...Sorry" Darcy said "It's no trouble now come with me we have much to Discuss about." Amelia walked ahead

"Now Madam Darcy, the reason why I asked you to come here unexpectedly is to Apply for teaching, since we have met before at Maze high school and Pac-world University I want you to become a teacher here at my school." Amelia said while walking along side Darcy

"M-me for teaching?!" Darcy answered "but Amelia I'm not really good at teaching a group of teens and--" Darcy was cut off by Amelia

"And who in the name of Pac-world told you, that you will be teaching teens I want you to be teaching a group of Orphans that live here at Maze high school." Amelia said sternly

"Group of orphans??" Darcy blinked and looked at Amelia "Yes, I may run a Boarding School full of young adults but I do run a school of six Orphan children." Amelia answered.

Darcy thought for a second and looked at Amelia "you must be joking Amelia, me teaching a class of Six Children...." Darcy said

"How would I be joking I wouldn't be joking around if it was very important!" Amelia Answered sternly

Amelia Strong heart comes from a very rich and wealthy family and was always Proper and acted more like a lady.

"your not joking are you Amelia..." Darcy said

Amelia shook her head in response

Darcy Sighed

"Darcy, I understand that you don't want to teach but it can help you connect with children and I know how you lost your son and Husband during the war...I lost my husband too.." Amelia sighed

Darcy looked at her and nodded "Yes, I know that my Jason wanted me to be Happy and It might be fun teaching six orphans." Darcy smiled

"Perfect!" Amelia handed over a file of the six children "here is the Six Children's profiles and Parents names."

Darcy looked at the file "Hope you enjoy teaching" Amelia walked away for now, Darcy looked down at the file and sighed

"Maybe Teaching won't be so bad...." she said to herself.
Pac-man Short: Darcy Meets Amelia
Short Story :3

No rude or mean comments!!
Cylindria Crystal guardian of Bravery by angelchibivocaloid
Cylindria Crystal guardian of Bravery
Lady Paluthai Gives Cyli a Crystal and now she's a Guardian :D

No rude or mean comments!!
Wendy: Greetings Fellow Pac-worlders and Humans, my name is Wendy Spheros and I'm going to be your host for tonight's Story so sit back Relax and enjoy.

Have you every wondered in your life that if Fairy tales could happen in real life? well My Daddy President spheros met this beautiful Lady named Sophie Julie they were very happy together until they got married and had me and my sister, Pearla but let's not get too far from the story at hand. this is a fairy tale come true, Where a Certain Pac-worlder meets a Lovely Mermaid Siren.

the fairy tale begins here.

President Spheros well before Stratos was President, during the great Pac-wars Stratos went on patrol on a Remote Beach until unknowingly a beautiful Lady popped her head out of Ocean Surface and caught a sight of the handsome Pac-worlder but was too shy to say Hello so she kept quite and looked at him in silence.  

Stratos knew he was being watched and turned around to face the Ocean until he saw the beautiful Maiden and mistook her for a person who went swimming. "Hey your not supposed to be here, it's way to dangerous here..." Stratos said to the beautiful lady

the mermaid siren looked at stratos in the eye and thought his eyes were truly wonderful and his voice was like Music just to hear him talk made her heart beat faster.

in response the mermaid giggled at stratos

Stratos Looked Surprised at the mermaid and backed away from her a little and then come back to her and reached out his hand to her.

"Here, Let me help you out of this cold water." Stratos said calmly, the Mermaid looked at him and reached out to touched his hand and her heart beat more faster then before.

Stratos felt her small Soft hand and blushes at the sight of her beauty "umm What's your name?" Stratos asked the lovely maiden "My name is Sophie, Sophie Julie..." Sophie answered

Stratos's heart beat fast too and he was totally under her enchanted beauty and his face turned bright red like tomato

Sophie giggled at Stratos for his bright red appearance "What? What's wrong?!" Stratos said feeling a bit nervous

"Your face it's like a tomato" Sophie answered awhile laughing, Stratos turned more red and fell backwards pulling the mermaid out of the water.

Stratos and Sophie were now close to together and looked at each other in the eyes until Spheros could feel something scalely and wet then he looked down and saw that Sophie was a Mermaid.

"Your a Mermaid siren?!" Stratos tried not to panic he didn't want to upset the poor maiden

Sophie looked at him and tried not to be upset until Spheros touched her soft hair "it's okay, I'm not scared of you..." He said softly with a warm smile

Sophie smiled and hugs him tightly until Commander betrayus was spying on them and had an evil plan for the wonderful Couple.

Wendy: and that's how my Daddy and Mommy met but Sadly Daddy doesn't remember this....
Pac-man Short: Fairy tales can come true
Wendy's the narrator :D

No rude or mean comments!!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Vocaloid name: Angelchibivocaloid / Angelchibi

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MY DA Sisters ^^





My RP Blog :D

----------------------------------------------------------------------- =D
I love to play world of warcraft, club penguin,portal,portal 2, minecraft ^^

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My Favourite Character is President spheros (Please no rude or mean comments!)

President spheros Icon by angelchibivocaloid

Hello My name is Angelchibi Or Keyanna but Call Me Angelchibi If you want, I'm a huge fan Of Pac-man and Other Different types of Games also I'm just your normal Australian girl LOL ^^

DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics

░█░░█░░█░░░░Always Open for a RP ^^

I love President spheros

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Spheros and Fuzz by angelchibivocaloid

Happy Family ^^

family? by IlaydaKakara

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I"M A PAC-Man Fan Too!!

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My Favourite Pac-man OC ^^

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Fave Game Character mascots

Sonic the hedeghog

I love them Both ^^

What I'm scared of is

The dark
Scarey Movies
Scarey things on TV
Lost tapes ( never watch that again) It creeps me out Okay Deal with it
And also SPiders O_O


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Rock your world and just Have Fun.
Hey guys, guess what I made a Cylindria Rp Account Here on DA for my birthday yesterday and now I'm 18 years old :D

Other wise I'm going to post many Pac-man Stuff and Cylindria, Spiral, Pac-man Drawings on my other Rp Account :3

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